Custom Fabrication Work

Have you ever said:

"If only I had a tool to make this job easier"

"This takes too long. I need something to make this job go faster"

"There has got to be a better way"

"I can’t keep doing it like this"

"I wish there was someone who could make this"

"This is what I need but I don’t know how to build it"

"I have this photo and it is exactly what I need"

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to help many customers make their life easier, and it gives me great pleasure when someone tells me "that is exactly what I needed".

Customers have come to me with only an idea, a picture, a piece of equipment, or a problem, with the hopes that something can be done to serve their particular need.

Sometimes there is an easy solution, and sometimes we both have to put our "thinking caps" on and bounce ideas back and forth. But, we usually come up with a solution.

Some examples of what I have helped customers with are:

  • Horse drawn tree skidder
  • Paint can holder for on a ladder (before the commercial ones became available)
  • Small pull behind ATV trailer that stands on the trailer hitch of a half ton (to eliminate the need for a utility trailer to move the ATV and trailer from one location to another)
  • Propane torch burner to cut 9" diameter holes in landscape fabric
  • Skidders for behind the ATV
  • Special bumpers for the front of the ATV
  • ATV snow plows
  • ATV Tow behind ice ripper for gravel driveway
  • Trail grader

If you need a tool to make your work easier, faster or just more fun, give me a call at: 902-521-7592. I love to "talk shop"!